About Oils of Ayurveda
My name is Victoria Greenlees and I am the proud owner & founder of Oils of Ayurveda. It’s with immense joy & great privilege that I can share more about Oils of Ayurveda with you.

Oils of Ayurveda is truly a passion and a labour of love. It commenced when I suffered ill-health that left my body with severe back pain. Due to my limited mobility for a short period of time, I began to read about the practice of yoga and one day discovered a chapter on Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine. This was to be a significant turning-point in my life.

This ancient healing system, its holistic principles and traditional methods of treatment, struck a deep cord within me. This was reinforced during an Ayurvedic massage. The herbal aroma & the healing energy from the traditional oils, strengthened me physically, renewed my vitality & elevated my spirit. I realized then, that these incredible remedies would become an important & meaningful part of my life forever.

Soon after, I visited India with the aim of learning more about Ayurvedic oils (thailams). I travelled extensively, underwent various Ayurvedic treatments (panchakarma), studied with traditional Ayurveda doctor s and spent time learning the complexity of making Ayurvedic massage oils.

This included a course in herbology and pharmacology, studying the properties of plants; in villages stirring in front of wood fires in intense heat, countless hours, meticulously grinding ingredients (the old fashioned way) to a fine powder, and importantly, out in nature with plants. 

It was a truly amazing experience. I will be forever grateful to the Ayurveda doctor s who openly shared their knowledge and tradition; and for all those that welcomed me into their homes, fed me and allowed me to glimpse their lives.

Since returning home to Australia, I have opened a therapeutic service, specializing in ayurveda massage & have worked tirelessly to bring these beautiful oils to market. My goal is to raise people’s awareness of their positive effects & for more people to experience the transformative benefits from using Ayurveda thailams – bottles of liquid gold from an ancient land.

I would like to thank all those that led me to here. Of course, a very special thank you to India – her people, her beauty and for all she taught me.

May you feel the love that is offered within these healing oils and that is given in these pages of this site.

Yours in good health / Namaste,