The Principles of the Ayurvedic Oil Making Process

An ayurvedic massage oil is unique in that it contains both the vital energy of the plants and the positive energy from which it is created.

The carefully selected plants are harvested at specific times of the year to maximize their healing effects. The method of preparation combines knowledge, tradition, dedication, and integrity with the purity of nature, in a process which can take between 2-7 days

This union between tradition & science illustrates the unique process & degree of consideration, required to make a thailam. Most importantly, the precise timing of harvesting, through to blending conditions, all contribute to how well an oil will deliver its therapeutic benefit to the individual.

How is an Ayurveda oil (thailam) made?

Firstly, only premium quality plants are sourced and selected. In Ayurveda, a plant is regarded as containing 5 sections, each with differing medicinal value. Depending on the formula and for maximum benefit, between 1-5 parts of the plants are used i.e. root, stem, leaf, flower, seeds.

Ayurveda oil is always made from a decoction and a paste.  A decoction will be prepared from one or more varieties of plants in a ratio of ‘1 part plants to 16 parts water’. Over a number of hours this is brewed and concentrated down to 4 parts.

During this time, a paste is created from remaining plants.  The generation of this paste is an extremely arduous task as the plants must be ground, pounded, and sifted to be a very fine consistency.

Once the decoction and paste are ready, they are mixed with the base oil (black sesame or coconut) and stirred continuously.  Over a long period the moisture evaporates and as the consistency of the paste changes, revealing the characteristic features of the thailam:

  • 1 st stage – sticky & wax like – used for nasya (nasal oil)
  • 2 nd stage – rolls into ball – used for internal medicine i.e. enema
  • 3 rd stage – fine sand like consistency – ayurveda massage oil

Your oil, and all the radiant beauty that has been contained within it, is then bottled for your benefit and use.